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Itunes 5.0 beta 2

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itunes 5.0 beta 2
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itunes 5.0 beta 2 - Comments
By Giles1987
December 28, 2012, 02:46
nich bro..
itunes 5.0 beta 2 - Comments
By Malcolm1979
September 28, 2012, 06:40
ok it's been nearly 4 years since i was test driving this software, and seeing it here again i decided to give it another try. for starters, i kind of like the application, but it makes it hard for me to keep liking. previously i posted a list of annoyances (see below) and some have been fixed, but rather clunkily (is that a word). anyway... 1. the installer on windows 7 x64 doesn't close out gracefully. after the install, windows prompts that it may not have installed correctly and i have to tell it that it was ok. now into the program: 2. i previously posted that changing fields required clicking with the mouse. they did include a configurator that allows you to specify key(s) that you can hit that will advance you to the next field. it doesn't always work. for starters, when the program is new, or if you're entering a payee that is new, a very annoying box pops up asking you to define the new payee. seriously? include a check box that gives you the option to decide if you want to set that information up. otherwise, let it flow. once you get a flow along with the payee being recognized, hitting the key you've defined (i set mine to enter) it doesn't always jump to the next field. leaving it as the tab button works, but i like the enter button. it' s more natural to me.3. the last entry date bug was fixed seemingly, so it allows you to enter the info you want to enter in batches by date rather than having to set the date back a few days each and every time. (at least the devs are listening).4. the register sorting seems freaky. once it only sorted by entry, regardless of date, then it sorted by date (which is should), but shouldn't it do it all the time?5. i'm still going over the program with a fine tooth comb, but overall, as i've said it's become too clunky and ambitious. it should be tweaked down a bit and perhaps different versions need to be developed. some, (maybe more than i think) people would rather just have a checkbook register/balancing program, rather than the bloat of all the financial crap that's been added. make it to where it's just a checkbook register with a savings register in the background. give it the function of reconciling, keep the options to configure, and give the option of configuring new payees rather than forcing it down our throats. maybe make it a "my money lite". as it is, an excel spreadsheet with some key formulas is more appealing....turn it into a donate rather than "in 6 months you have to pay for it or you can't get to your account" and you'll have me. until then, i have to downgrade again and give it a 2. 1 because of what it's supposed to do, and 1 because the devs usually listen. as things are fixed, i may up my rating.
itunes 5.0 beta 2 - Comments
By Crispin1972
December 12, 2012, 15:46
more evil code from the evil corporation...
itunes 5.0 beta 2 - Comments
By Charles1984
September 15, 2012, 03:29
very simple! stable.
itunes 5.0 beta 2 - Comments
By Laurence1980
September 11, 2012, 09:10
what can i say ..... horrible crap. (still)context menu integration ? doesn't work.associate with .arc files ? doesn't work.clunky interface.high compression takes ages, and is even worse than winrar or 7zip at default.perhaps it could compress better if you have 128 gbytes of memory and are will to spend 23 years on it, but i don't.useless garbage.

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itunes 5.0 beta 2 - users comments
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itunes 5.0 beta 2 - users comments
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itunes 5.0 beta 2 - users comments
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itunes 5.0 beta 2 - users comments