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Yahoo messenger 9.0 mac

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yahoo messenger 9.0 mac
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XP / Vista / 7/ 8
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yahoo messenger 9.0 mac - Comments
By Aldous1986
November 26, 2012, 06:04
i find .net totally useless. the only software i ever use that needs it is turbotax and that's only one week out of the year, if that. i just happen to like turbotax, what can i say. after my tax filing is done this bloatware gets uninstalled pronto. any other software i might try to install that requires .net gets appropriately cancelled. there's plenty of other software alternatives out there that don't require this mess being on your system, including all the endless security updates/service packs that come with it.update: i also forgot that starting with version 4, ms .net starts an ngen service automatically that slows down pc boot time considerably, particularly your lan connection. very frustrating. yes, it can be disabled in services, however, with each new update to .net 4.x(which seems to come every couple of months), the service gets set to automatic again. that's even more frustrating.@zoroasteri've come across that too... a software installer that was very, very small in size but was wanting to install that .net behemoth for it to work. that's just totally ridiculous.
yahoo messenger 9.0 mac - Comments
By Derek1979
November 14, 2012, 01:54
em... i've watched the videos, read the information on the stardock site and i'm still not sure what this is and more to the point, not really sure why it useful or why i'd need it. all i can think is that it seems like ubuntu unity for windows (and that's not good)can anyone enlighten me as to what this actually is or does, the website doesn't make it clear at all, is this virtual desktops like, unity like, rocket dock like?
yahoo messenger 9.0 mac - Comments
By Raynard1984
October 22, 2012, 16:33
well kaspersky is one of the best out there!dont take the words of these fools saying one doesnt need no av. i am in the habbit of testing/trying soo many diff softwares, from all over the net. i cant imagine installing any one of them without scannning!!
yahoo messenger 9.0 mac - Comments
By Xavier1976
December 30, 2012, 19:12
replaced wmp and itunes after installing.
yahoo messenger 9.0 mac - Comments
By Cyril1979
December 16, 2012, 23:41
gezley: go ahead and flag the review. the opinion still stands regardless. oh, and btw, i'm not "white". i think foreigners' software is fantastic (which is why i've beta-tested dozens of programs over the years written by europeans such as rar and mydefrag). grab a tissue and read the review for what it is rather than inventing something it isn't.second shadow: omfg. *8-) thanks for helping with traffic to my site! once again, the opinion stands. this program is a bloated pile of convoluted rubbish - way too many cooks spoiled the broth - i'll bet they could save several megabytes off the install by simply removing the 'about screen' code. but thanks for ending your "masturbatory response" (this descriptive phrase is courtesy of gcaleval) with a review of the program itself, at least. you should teach mr caleval that technique - go check out the notepad++ review thread for details.

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yahoo messenger 9.0 mac - users comments
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yahoo messenger 9.0 mac - users comments