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Chromium browser ubuntu stable

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chromium browser ubuntu stable
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chromium browser ubuntu stable - Comments
By Stewart1981
March 28, 2013, 09:57
this program is great, although, it's interface is a bit slow at times and you have a good refresh time upon startup as well as initiating a media library rebuild. other than that, tversity is definitely a fantastic solution for a home based dlna solution, such as my setup with my ps3. i highly recommend it as nothing has been easier to configure. i say that as of right now, this receives a solid 4/5.on a side note:uac is a solution that software developers need to adapt to. programmers have been coding poorly for years, relying on storage of settings and parameters outside the documents and settings\username folder and using other poor coding techniques. uac should not need to be disabled for this program to install. it works fine with uac enabled after installation, but during the install you have to disable it and that is unacceptable. that is like telling someone you have to disable your house power in order to get your tv's wall mount installed on the wall. that should not be the case and is the fault of the developer not microsoft. thousands of software applications work with vista's uac enabled, in fact this is the only one i have found which does not, and i believe tversity should alter it's programming to work with uac as well. this is solely tversity's responsibility to fix their lack of programming standardization.
chromium browser ubuntu stable - Comments
By Edwin1984
November 22, 2012, 19:29
tried to download several times and each time i get a message back saying there was some kind of "unknown" error and request i "try again". each subsequent attempt results in the same error message. i am on the fence about upgrading to win8 anyway...it looks like another "vista". i wanted to get a feel for the product before considering upgrading. win7 may be my last ms product if win8 is really as hokey as i am reading by those who have actually used it in beta...oh well, this may the linux push i needed to switch..
chromium browser ubuntu stable - Comments
By Humphry1980
October 16, 2012, 22:32
some guy, x-fonter is a font manager and not an image tool and it should be reviewed as a font manager. so your score is really irrelevant.x-fonter is a top-notch font manager that does what it needs to do. even the image tool is fun to play with.
chromium browser ubuntu stable - Comments
By Leonard1978
December 22, 2012, 07:04
sure, why not plug in to the biggest snooping server in the world.
chromium browser ubuntu stable - Comments
By Everard1974
April 09, 2013, 13:53
first let me state that i'm a quicken user - about 7 years now - and have always found money to feel "odd". so i was a little skeptical when i started this new ms money 2006 beta trial. actually...i really like what i see, albeit somewhat different than the "checkbook" interface i've grown used to with quicken. ms money imported my quicken file without issue and has a pretty intuitive interface for getting started. only problem i had was getting a feed from my bank...but think that's more related to the bank expecting me to login w/quicken. i'm sure it's fixable. at any rate...i'll continue the trial and may make 2006 the year i convert, as i've grown tired of the bugs in quicken that seem to grow more significant with each new version.one thing i really like here is the fact that ms money seems to be more "let's manage your money" focused rather than solely being a glorified checkbook. granted both quicken and money have similar features, but money's interface turns your focus more forward-looking rather than just being a record of what's already done. i like it...worth a try.

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good job, thank you for discussing

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chromium browser ubuntu stable - users comments
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chromium browser ubuntu stable - users comments