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Advanced folder lock

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advanced folder lock
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advanced folder lock - Comments
By Nathan1973
October 15, 2012, 06:43
plz betanews, get it right... this is the "via hyperionpro 5.01beta" and it only have driver for viamach, viaagp, viaraid and raidtool... not the normal "via hyperion 4in1".from viaarena : "there are three main differences between a via hyperion 4in1 driver package and a via hyperionpro package, detailed below. all other recommendations remain. 1) the hyperionpro package includes sata/raid drivers whilst the hyperion 4in1 package does not. the extra contents makes the hyperionpro package over 5mb larger than the hyperion 4in1 package. therefore if you are not utilizing a via sata or raid controller in your system, the hyperion 4in1 package may be a better download choice. 2) the hyperionpro package supports 64 bit microsoft windows xp and 64 bit windows server 2003 whilst the hyperion 4in1 package only supports 32 bit operating systems. 3) the hyperionpro package does not contain the ide filter driver. for win9x/me/2k the ide filter driver is needed to support udma 6. the ide filter driver is not needed for winxp sp1 and later microsoft operating systems. "
advanced folder lock - Comments
By Piers1977
October 21, 2012, 18:22
i've run it on windows 7 x64, server 2003 32-bit, and xp 32-bit (all oses fully up-to-date and on different hardware), and haven't had a single stability or network problem. much better than i expected, frankly.my only complaints are that it doesn't seem to let you choose a custom resolution for running it windowed and that there doesn't seem to be any way to run it fullscreen on an extended desktop ("dualview" using nvidia's terminology) unless its resolution is the same as the primary display's . the latter, in particular, was disappointing.but i realize most people have no interest in running it this way, and it's an alpha. considering that and its freeware competition (or lack thereof), it's very, very, very good.
advanced folder lock - Comments
By Quintin1975
January 29, 2013, 17:34
hot damn!i've been looking for this type of program for a long, long time.i've been using netscantools 4.22, but this is even more compact, prettier, and just as functional!it has everything i want and nothing i don't!
advanced folder lock - Comments
By Brandon1974
October 21, 2012, 05:30
first of all... always i read interpreter/compiler - that's still nonsense. python was never a compiler language. but i feel angry when someone discredits a well made piece of software because of an incorrect written article on another website.at least, mr. 1-star (due to your profile your usual rating is 1 star, so you seem to like python... :-d), you can simply consult the website of python to see the reality. but obviously you feel better as long as you are able to throw anything in your range into the next trashcan near to you.
advanced folder lock - Comments
By Jasper1989
February 08, 2013, 22:37
perhaps because there is so little difference between the core functionality of the nt5 and 6 kernels?

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