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Cool edit pro 2 windows 7

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cool edit pro 2 windows 7
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cool edit pro 2 windows 7 - Comments
By Clarence1981
December 31, 2012, 14:34
3 seconds between 2 files time is considered as identical. it can be disabled there: edit > options > compare.
cool edit pro 2 windows 7 - Comments
By Neal1970
January 17, 2013, 13:07
powerful software that aids a powerful drive, allowing you to do more than any other cd-r software. while it's missing a few features, or an ease of use found with other progrmas, it has many features, tests and copying abilities missing from most other packages.
cool edit pro 2 windows 7 - Comments
By Bryce1974
December 18, 2012, 19:05
last really good version was 7.5. every release since then has gotten slower and more bloated. i bought the lifetime upgrade at version 4, so i do feel i got my monies worth, but it is sad to see yahoo take the thing over. :(this install is 30+ meg and takes forever compared to earlier versions. i've worked with version 4033 and this 4044 seems slower, if that's possible. forced a long reboot just to get the thing going.at least it did recognize my code key and the plus version was properly in place after install. i had 7.5 installed previously and installed this right over the top.it did not properly read the entries in the library and i had to drag and drop them back into the library display on the interface.skin selection is pretty pathetic, with all but one being color variations of the same basic theme.the thing is gosh-awful slow too, and it really doesn't have any innovation in it regarding helpful features. almost all the updates since 7.5 seem to be related to commercial tie-ins.it's sad that this thing never was allowed to continue developing in a useful way.
cool edit pro 2 windows 7 - Comments
By Gregory1979
January 01, 2013, 01:02
amazing compression ratio. able to add a recovery record. format is supported in peazip. moderately fast when used for maximum compression, but slower than winrar and 7zip. uses no more than 2gb of memory and doesn't come anywhere close to 100% processor load for maximum compression. with a little gui polish this could be the best file compressor ever.i had over a hundred multi gigabyte files that needed to be compressed and i wasn't happy with the compression of the most popular file compression programs, so i decided to try this. it's not the fastest, but there are very few programs that can come close to its compression ratio and fewer that are as fast at their highest setting. on my intel core i5 over-clocked to 3.42ghz, 3.6ghz with turbo mode enabled and 8gb of memory, i'm able to compress 7.3gb in 35 minutes flat. the highest compression ratio i achieved was an .iso 7.3gb (6.656gb without random padding) compressed to 2.181gb (29.9% compression). i didn't even think that was possible. the average for an .iso was 77% compression, but it depends on the file.thank you so much.
cool edit pro 2 windows 7 - Comments
By Humphry1980
December 05, 2012, 10:21
features:* both sqlyog and sja will now detect if base64 encoding is required for http-tunnel.funtionality changed:* chunk setting (for exports) now also has effect for non-http-tunneled connections. using this option is required if it takes more time to retrieve data from a table than server ␘net_write_timeout␙ setting.* sqlyog will now not reconnect if connection is lost during imports. instead an error message will prompt (the reason for this is that session variables defined on top of the script would be reset to server defaults with reconnection. as a result (and most important) special characters could garble and other errors could occur as well)..* when trying to insert or update spatial data types from the data/result tab sqlyog will now throw an error. spatial data must be handled from the editor (but a result set from a table with spatial columns can be updated from result tab if there are no spatial columns in the result).pretty nice software (even if the free version has nags). however, my major gripe which continues to be ignored is that the text in the query editor does not match what is saved to the file system when auto-formatting is in use (example: caps). this is appallingly bad design and extremely obnoxious.

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